This week’s homework


Research and create a poster about a Roman Emperor.

E.g. Septimius Severus, Augustus, Claudius etc.


Find the upper and lower boundaries for the following numbers and draw a number line for each.

  In 10s In 100s In 1000 In 10 000
Upper boundary        
Number 25 250 61 985 45 350 53 764
Lower boundary        

GPS (Grammar, punctuation and spelling):

Write 10 sentences using the prefix in-, im-, and ir-

E.g. The gigantic chocolate cake looked irresistible.

Next week’s learning

In maths next week we will be looking at Roman numerals and the value of each numeral. We will also be continuing work on place value continuing to recognise the value of digits and rounding up or down to a certain number.

In topic next week we will be looking at famous Roman figures and leaders and how they influenced the Roman empire.

In writing we will be looking at the features of an information text.

Please remember to bring in your PE kits! Football kits and school uniform must not be used as PE kit.

Wonder and King: Wednesday

Armstrong and Franklin: Thursday

This Week’s Learning

In maths this week we have been learning how to round 5 and 6 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. We used the boundaries on a number line to help us see whether a number would round up or down.

In topic this week we have been focusing on how the Romans conquered Britain and what they introduced to Britain.

In writing we collected and selected our key up-levelled vocabulary for a setting description.

Stars of the week

King: Jasmine

Wonder: Stanley

Armstrong: Dhisa

Franklin: Steno

This week’s homework

In year 5 all homework tasks must be completed.


Research and write 8 words that originate from the Roman language (Latin) and provide their definitions.  

E.g. The latin word flamma, means flame and would be used to describe a fire.


Write five 6-digit numbers in numerals and digits.

E.g. 654,323 – Six hundred and fifty-four thousand, three hundred and twenty-three.

GPS (Grammar, punctuation and spelling):

Write 10 sentences using homophones.

E.g. Keeping the peace is a piece of cake.

They’re over there with their friends.

Next week’s learning

In maths next week we will be continuing our work on place value learning to understand where on a number line a 5, 6 or 7 digit would fall and what its lower and upper boundaries would be.

In writing we will be continuing to read ‘escape from Pompeii’ and will start to plan and write our setting descriptions.

In topic we will be developing our knowledge on how Britain was conquered by the Romans and how they changed the country.

Please make sure you send in the reply slips for our trip to the Museum of London as soon as possible.

PE days are as followed

King/ Wonder- Wednesday

Armstrong/Franklin- Thursday