Subjects completed daily will be Maths, Writing , Reading and PE. This week’s other sessions will be Science, Art, Geography, Music and RE.

the Black Curriculum

Learn about Fanny Eaton and complete the activities.

Read lots of books.

Continue watching Newsround. Here are some suggestions;

Advice to help you if you’re feeling upset about racism

Racism in the UK

Social Distancing: Can kids play with their friends in the park?

How to wash your hands

Six Badges of Summer


Complete the Joe Wicks workouts from YouTube or create your own high intensity workout. Use your exercise for the day to get some fresh air by going for a short run or bike ride.


Day 1: To identify the features of adverts. Learn about the features of adverts. Identify features of adverts within the examples.  Example 1 Example 2

Day 2: To role play the selling of a thneed. Create your own script for an advert selling a thneed. See if you can convince a household member to buy one! 

Day 3: To plan an advert. Use the slides to help you plan your own advert for a thneed. 

Day 4: To write an advert. Use your plan from yesterday to write your advert, remember to include features of adverts. 

Day 5: To edit an advert. Time to self-edit your work from yesterday. 


Day 1: To understand an author’s choice of vocabulary. Read The Earth Ship.  Match the words to their definitions.  

Day 2: To retrieve information from non-fiction. Use the reading to answer today’s question.  

Day 3: To infer information from text. Use the reading to answer today’s question.  

Day 4: To be able to summarise the main points of a text. Create a summary poster for this reading .   

Day 5: It is important to keep reading, for enjoyment as well as to develop your reading ability. The following link has reading suggestions suitable for children in year 5. Remember, you can also listen to your teachers reading a selection of stories and chapter booksRead lots of books.


Complete the daily maths lessons, including activities and worksheets 

Continue to work through 10 tasks on your mathletics each day. 

Complete arithmetic style tasks

Science (Monday)

Learn about reversible and irreversible changes. Can you conduct your own experiment? Think about heating chocolate or ice, what happens?What is the difference between reversible and irreversible changes?

Art (Tuesday) To plan a collage of materials which have been sewn together. 

Use the slides to help you to plan a textile collage. 

Watch the different types of stitches.  Whip Stitch. Overstitch. Backstitch. Running Stitch.

Geography (Wednesday) To compare and contrast San Francisco to the UK and Kazakhstan. 

Learn about the differences between San Francisco, UK and Kazakhstan and create a fact file explaining these differences. Watch the timelapse.  

Music (Thursday)

Sing-a-long to your favourites! 

We Sing You Sing Summer Song Music Festival streamed live at 7pm tonight on YouTube and Facebook

RE (Friday) To understand special moments and ceremonies in religious and non-religious lives. 

Learn about the special moments and ceremonies in religious and non-religious lives. Write your name vertically and use the first letter to start a word or phrase that describes you.